What is the 1-2 punch for negotiating?

Negotiators find dramatic results when the employ these simple, quick and tactful techniques:

Punch One: The FLINCH
That’s just giving an animated adverse reaction to anyone who gives you a price, a proposal or position they want you to accept. It doesn’t have to be overly dramatic. A simple pained look, a grimace or even uttering a sigh or expression of surprise communicates instantly that you’re uncomfortable with what you’ve just heard. It only takes a second and immediately follow up with –

Punch Two: The CRUNCH
This technique has you asking a simple soft seven word question, specifically: “Is that the best you can do?” That’s all you do. Be silent and await a response.

Watch how discounts, concessions and modified positions result. Try it in low risk situations and you’ll find you’ll be using it everywhere. All it does is work!