Negotiating Blueprint

John Hamilton’s 10 Module Video Training Series

Here’s a resource that can take your negotiating skills to the next level. Each module is jam packed with strategies, techniques and hard bargaining wisdom.

Ideal for one’s self study or for a sales meeting/staff development presentation. Best of all you can repeat any module as often as you want to ensure complete understanding and mastery.

Module Titles/Topics:
1. Negotiating Power Sources
2. The 3 Stages of Negotiations
3. Formulating Initial Offers
4. Reacting to Initial Offers
5. Negotiating’s Killer Mistakes
6. Realizing When You’ve Blown It
7. Concessions
8. Five Strategies That Really Work
9. Power Language
10. Traits of a Successful Negotiator

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Keep Negotiating: Strategies and Techniques for Achieving Win-Win Results

Unlike the rest of the world, where haggling is a way of life, most Americans are lousy negotiators. The simple reason for this- most people have never been trained how to do it effectively!

John Hamilton’s Keep Negotiating is an oasis of practical resources for the negotiating-challenged.  You’ll learn how to identify a negotiating opportunity, which strategy to use (there are over 20!) and exactly what words to use.

Warning: you may become a negotiating junkie after reading this!

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