While most of us confine our negotiating attention to business and financial transactions, we shouldn’t ignore the negotiating opportunities within the family. Many holidays seem to provide more family time along with opportunities to use negotiating techniques or influence strategies for work in the family context. The Alternate of Choice: It never fails, the ball Read More »

Negotiators are conflicted because they often want to sent two messages at the same time with opposite meanings. More specifically, they want to be firm in rejecting an unworthy proposal but they don’t want that rejection to be offensive or even insulting. Good negotiators know the value of ‘relationship negotiating’ whereby they strive to establish Read More »

What strategy is in order when one encounters a negotiating opponent who has clearly abandoned common sense? Their degree of being unreasonable amazes you. This is another one of those good new/bad news situations. The good news is that there a multiple options available. The bad news is that they rarely work. It’s really tough Read More »

This rule is the basis of the WIN-WIN philosophy. Parties that try to crush, humble or humiliate their negotiating opponents are misguided and sad characters. No one should come out of a negotiation worse off than when they began. Good negotiators always have a fallback position, often referred to as a “BATNA” (Best Alternative To Read More »

The world is full of impulsive and over-competitive negotiators. We mentioned one in Rule 8 above. In actuality, they shouldn’t even be called negotiators. They are instead vulnerable buyers and sellers. They enter a transaction with good intentions, but get caught up in the process, the ‘I have
to have this’ mentality and end up making Read More »

People’s positions change, as do their expectations, when confronted by a bracket or an anchor. A bracket or an anchor identifies the concept wherein one or both negotiating parties communicate boundaries or limits. They are commonly communicated early in the negotiations and become the poles or positions beyond which they say they’ll never move. An Read More »

Most of our negotiating opportunities are NOT huge, pre-planned, strategy heavy events.  They are instead simple encounters with people (good people) who, like us, just want a ‘good deal’. Our capacity to strike that good deal usually requires attention to a process whereby we capitalize on opportunities. Let’s review a few quick tips and guidelines Read More »